Established in 2010, CCF’s mission is:

To defend civil liberties and freedoms, promote a fair U.S. criminal justice system, and advocate for the rights of political prisoners targeted in the “War on Terror.”

Current Campaigns

Marking the 20th Anniversary of the War on Terror

A series of events and initiatives to call attention to the devastating impact of the “War on Terror,” demand an end to its abuses, and seek freedom and justice for political prisoners

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War on Terror Film Festival

The stories beyond the front lines
20 years | 20 films

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The Terror Trap

The Impact of the War on Terror on Muslim Communities Since 9/11

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Support for Prisoners

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CCF supports prisoners in a variety of ways. By educating the public about the abusive tactics used in the War on Terror, we endeavor to protect communities from becoming targeted in manufactured cases. In our early interventions, we encourage people NOT to speak to the FBI. In the unfortunate event that a preemptive arrest is made, CCF is there to identify the unjust nature of the case and serve as a resource for families to challenge the government’s narrative. CCF often leads grassroots campaigns for a fair trial since there are many factors causing a prejudicial climate. When possible, we attend trials and hearings and are witnesses to show support and lessen the fear around these types of prosecutions. When the person is incarcerated, we maintain contact in order to monitor their prison conditions and to ensure that their rights are not violated. During the month of Ramadan, we provide an annual gift to their commissary accounts. We provide various resources for prisoners, such as legal support, a quarterly newsletter, reading materials, a pen pal program, and we tell their stories. Finally, we write letters to judges and wardens, our senators and representatives on Capitol Hill, and advocate for policy change, including the passage of our bill that would reverse unfair convictions. We need help from the public to continue this important work.

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Support for Families

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CCF prides itself in advocating alongside family members on behalf of their incarcerated loved ones and in listening and responding to the immediate needs of those who are directly affected. We organize year-round programs for impacted families, including an annual conference, monthly virtual meetings, mental health workshops, advocacy and media trainings, help with locating resources and communicating with the prison in response to concerns about safety and treatment. We organize letter writing and other campaigns in support of families fighting for their loved ones. We provide a platform for families and former prisoners to tell their stories and educate the public about the injustices they suffered through webinars, conferences and community events. Above all, we create a network of support and care for the families who are isolated from their communities.

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Join our fight for justice. You hold more power than you know. Here is how you can advocate, support, and create change today.

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CCF relies on the support of volunteers to advance our mission.

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Pen Pal

One of the most meaningful ways to support a prisoner is to write to them.

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Help alleviate the financial hardship on needy prisoners by providing consistent support.

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CCF envisions an America free of political repression. Help fund our path toward justice.

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About CCF

Meet the Coalition


Founded by political prisoners,
for political prisoners.

The Coalition for Civil Freedoms (CCF) is a survivor-led nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the abuses of the U.S. domestic "War on Terror." Founded in 2010, CCF is a coalition of civil liberties and human rights organizations that challenges preemptive prosecution and the post-9/11 targeting, surveillance, and criminalization of Muslim communities. CCF’s core areas of work include education and outreach, prisoner and family support, legal services, grassroots advocacy, policy, and research. We work to amplify the voices of those directly impacted and empower them to advocate for meaningful change. Through direct action, civic engagement, and public awareness campaigns, CCF mobilizes communities to transform the criminal legal system to one built on fairness and equality. Our vision for justice is freedom for political prisoners, an end to political repression, and the protection of the rights of all people.

The CCF Team

We build a movement on the outside for freedom of those inside.


Executive Director

Underbakke, PhD

Deputy Executive Director


Development Director

Stephen F.
Downs, Esq

Chair, Board of Directors

Manley, Esq.

Legal Director

Gupta, Esq.

Staff Attorney


Prisoner and Family Support Coordinator


Established in 2010, the Coalition for Civil Freedoms (CCF) is a coalition of national and local organizations joining together to end the abuses of the “war on terror.”

If you'd like to apply to join our Coaliton, contact us.

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WOT Film Festival | Panel Discussion | The Newburgh Sting

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WOT Film Festival | Panel Discussion | USA vs Al-Arian

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WOT Film Festival | Panel Discussion | The Road to Guantanamo / The Confession

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