Faces of Victims of Government Repression

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Statements of Victims of Preemptive Prosecutions

Statement by Tarik Shah (7/8/2016)

Statement by Dr. Ali Al-Timimi (7/14/2005)

Statement by Dr. Rafil Dhafir (10/27/2005)

Statement by Dr. Sami Al-Arian (5/1/2006) ; Statement to Friends & Supporters (5/1/2006); TBCJP Statement on Plea Deal (4/15/2006); and Sentencing (5/1/2006)

Statement by Imam Yassin Aref (3/8/2007)

Statement by Ghassan Elashi (5/27/2009)

Statement by Shukri Abu Baker (5/27/2009)

Statement by Mohammad El-Mezain 5/27/2009)

Statement by Mufid Abdelqader (5/27/2009)

Statement by Abdurahman Odeh (5/27/2009)

Statement by Ahmed Abu Ali (7/27/2009)

Statement by Ehsanul Islam Sadequee (Shifa) (12/14/2009)

Statement by the family of Syed Fahad Hasmi (6/10/2010)

Life in  the Supermax – Two letters from Ismail Todd Royer (10/19/2010 and 7/30/2011)

Statement by Tarek Mehanna (4/12/2012)

Statement by Rezwan Matin Ferdaus (10/31/2012)

Clemency Petitions for Unfairly Convicted Muslim Political Prisoners

Clemency for Yassin Aref

Clemency for Khalifa Al-Akili

Clemency for Tarik Shah

Clemency for Mohammed Hossain

Clemency for Rezwan Ferdaus

Clemency for Shahawar Matin Siraj

Clemency for Mohammed Saleh

Yassin Aref

Rezwan Ferdaus

Khalifa Al-Akili

Mohammed Saleh

Shahawar Siraj