The Steering Committee (SC)

The SC runs the daily affairs of the NCPCF. It comprises nine officers, chaired by the Executive Director as follows: i) Executive Director, ii) Secretary, iii) Treasurer, iv) Director of Development and Organizational Outreach, v) Director of Policy and Planning, vi) Director of Legal Affairs, vii) Director of Education and Community Outreach, viii) Director of Media and Public Relations, ix) Director of Prisoners and Families

Scope of NCPCF Committees

Each committee is led by a director, who is a member of the SC, as well as a co-director.

Policy and Planning Committee

The policy and planning committee shall formulate policy positions and coordinate legislative efforts aimed at local government and state legislatures, as well as the U.S. Congress and the administration in addressing the NCPCF three main campaigns: 1) Campaign against preemptive prosecution based on Thought Crimes and Manufactured Charges. 2) Campaign against profiling and for Civil Freedoms. 3) Campaign against prisoners abuse and for Equal Justice in Prisons. See Political Initiatives/Lobbying Efforts

Legal Affairs Committee

A national resource center for defense counsels in national security cases, especially those prosecutions based on thought crimes or manufactured charges and using such tactics as guilt by associations, agent provocateurs or government entrapment. A periodic meeting between the legal teams and other experts in the field would also be coordinated as well as finding pro-bono lawyers and matching them with prisons-related issues. See Legal Forums/CLE Courses

Education and Community Outreach Committee

The Education Committee shall establish a national database of resources including books and documentaries. In addition, the committee shall establish a national speakers’ bureau and schedule events in different cities around the country to address our issues. It shall also help develop NCPCF chapters throughout the U.S. See Educational Events/Programs

Media and Public Relations Committee

The media shall coordinate the NCPCF efforts to educate media outlets including national and local newspapers, editorial boards, TV and radio networks, digital media, columnists and op-ed writers, as well others with regards to the erosion of our civil freedoms including the issue of Islamophobia. Moreover, the committee shall create a resource website that can explain the facts about the unjust prosecutions and the erosion of civil freedoms in the country since 9/11.   See Press Conferences and Training Sessions

Prisoners and Families Committee

The Prisoners Committee shall coordinate the efforts in cooperation with local communities to provide support for families and prisoners who have suffered from being unjustly targeted in preemptive prosecutions. The stories of their suffering need to be told. In addition, many of the prisoners are suffering terribly from abuses in the prisons and denied basic rights and privileges enjoyed by hard-core criminals. The legal rights of these prisoners and their families need to be restored.

Development and Organizational Outreach Committee

The primary goals of the Development and Organizational Outreach Committee are two-fold: a) to raise the necessary resources needed to fulfill the NCPCF mission and implement its plans, and b) to expand the institutional membership of the coalition with organizations or groups that have similar goals.


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