Establishing NCPCF Chapters

1)    NCPCF shall be able to establish chapters nationwide.

2)    The minimum number of active NCPCF members to establish a chapter in a particular geographical area is ten (10).

3)    An official request must be submitted to the NCPCF Steering Committee from at least five (5) NCPCF active members to establish a chapter in a certain geographic area (city, region or state.)

4)    The Steering Committee shall evaluate the viability of the request to establish a chapter based on the following criteria:

a)     A commitment of at least ten (10) NCPCF members to be active in their community with regards to the NCPCF mission and campaigns.

b)    At least three (3) chapter members shall pledge to attend the NCPCF training programs every year.

c)     A pledge by the chapter to increase the NCPCF active membership by at least ten (10) members every year.

d)    A pledge by the chapter to raise certain amount of funds every year to the NCPCF. The amount is to be decided mutually with the Steering Committee. (The general guideline is to raise $25-100 per member per year.)

e)     A pledge to hold locally at least four (4) NCPCF-related events or programs per year.

5)    Once a chapter is approved by the Steering Committee, the Executive Director or his/her representative shall attend the first inaugural meeting with chapter members and supervise the initial elections of its officers.

6)    The Education and Community Outreach Committee shall assist the chapters and follow up with their educational and outreach programs. The Policy and Planning Committee shall assist and follow up with all matters related to policy and lobbying. Other committees shall assist in any other issues related to their functions. The Executive Director or his/her representative shall assist and follow up with the chapters with regard to all organizational and financial matters.

7)    Each chapter shall elect at least three (3) officers (president, secretary, treasurer) in accordance with the chapter’s bylaws.

8)    The NCPCF shall send back to the chapter one-third of all the membership dues paid by chapter members or donations collected by the chapter.

9) Procedure to Establish a Chapter

In order to establish an NCPCF Chapter in your area, the following procedure is to be followed:

a) Who Is Eligible?
Any group of five (5) or more NCPCF active members in the potential Chapter area may petition the NCPCF Steering Committee to organize a local chapter if ten (10) members reside in the chapter’s geographical area. The active membership shall be verified by NCPCF secretary.

b) Initial Organization
The most successful way to initially organize a Chapter is to contact as many active NCPCF members in the area as possible, call a meeting, discuss the idea, and set up a temporary Chapter Organization Committee. The more members that can be brought into the initial phase of Chapter organization, the better the prospects for an active Chapter with substantive programs.

c) Chapter Boundaries
Delineate a geographic area to be served. It is more desirable to organize a Chapter that represents a specific geographic area, such as a single city, metropolitan area, or county, rather than embracing a substantially larger area, although chapters may be organized statewide if this is the only feasible way. The major purpose for organizing a Chapter is to provide an opportunity for Chapter members to attend meetings and engage in committee activities. A limited geographic area makes it more feasible for Chapter members to meet without difficulty. Once the organization of a Chapter is approved, and its formal charter executed, its jurisdictional area shall be fixed by the Steering Committee and no authority shall be given to any other group to organize a Chapter within that area while the original Chapter is in existence.

d) Drafting the Bylaws
The Chapter Organization Committee must draft a proposed set of Chapter bylaws for submission to the Steering Committee for approval.

e) Required Provisions of Chapter Bylaws
A proposed draft of the Chapter bylaws shall include provisions for the following:

  1. Official name of the Chapter shall be in the following form: “Name of jurisdictional area” Chapter of the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF).
  2. Delineation of the chapter’s proposed jurisdictional area;
  3. Statement that the purpose of the Chapter is the advancement of the NCPCF mission and campaigns in the jurisdictional area of the Chapter;
  4. Provisions for the number of the Chapter’s Executive Committee officers and how they are selected, including a president (required), vice president (optional), secretary (required), treasurer (required), or any others (optional), and a definition of responsibilities assigned to each;
  5. Provisions for the responsibility of the Chapter’s General Assembly (all active members in the chapter’s proposed jurisdictional area), and a statement defining its authority and duties;
  6. Method for the annual nomination and election of officers, and for voting on official matters, as required;
  7. Fixing the responsibility for calling regular and special meetings of the Chapter and its executive committee;
  8. Methods of the receipt and disbursement of Chapter funds, keeping account records, and the auditing thereof;
  9. Method for amending the bylaws which allows for the NCPCF Steering Committee review of proposed bylaw changes before they are voted on by Chapter members;

10.  Statement that NCPCF is not responsible for any liability which the Chapter may incur; and

11.  Provision that at least four (4) regular meetings shall be held annually, including an annual meeting of the Chapter membership.

f) Permissive Provisions in Chapter Bylaws
In addition, Chapter bylaws may contain provisions for the following:

  1. A schedule for Chapter membership dues, independent of, and in addition to, membership dues in NCPCF; and
  2. Other matters deemed necessarily appropriate, which are consistent with the bylaws and policies of the NCPCF.

g) Letter of Application
The Chapter Organization Committee has to address a formal letter of application to the NCPCF Steering Committee, requesting a charter as an official NCPCF Chapter.

h) Formal Recognition
A Chapter shall not be considered as being organized or its bylaws effective until both the application and proposed bylaws have been approved by the NCPCF Steering Committee. Such approval shall be in the form of a charter to the Chapter issued by the NCPCF.

i) Contracts and Debts
No Chapter has the authority to enter into any contract that imposes any liability on NCPCF, nor shall a Chapter incur any debt that cannot be met out of the available funds of the Chapter.

j) Chapter Liabilities
The NCPCF is not responsible for any liabilities that the Chapter may incur.

k) Additional Information
The NCPCF Steering Committee shall be able to furnish additional information or assistance in this matter to any local group upon request.

For details see: How to establish NCPCF chapters

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