As the year comes to an end, we want to recap some of our successes – made possible by you, our generous donors.

First, we strongly believe that if Americans knew of the injustices happening to Muslims falsely accused of terrorism, they would demand equal treatment under the law.  And so we presented educational information about our issues (pre-crime prosecutions, entrapment, and more) at five large conferences, and also at colleges and churches. We worked hard to educate the public in six different states:  Florida, Maryland,  New York,  Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota.

We have also expanded our connections with other social justice  organizations, and are happy to report that CAIR-FL has become our most recent member.

Most importantly, and the work that ONLY we are doing, is the support of the political prisoners and their families.  With the help of  our generous supporters, over 200 prisoners received gifts of $100 for Ramadan and a Ramadan greeting card this past year. These gifts are greatly appreciated by the prisoners, as one writes “It is easy to forget about humanity in prison. The work that you do is a reminder of humanity , and I thank you for that.”
In October, we held our 7th annual family conference at the beautiful Diyanet Center in Lanham, MD. It was attended by 65 family members, some of whom have been at every conference, others who have attended twice, and with six new families represented. On the first night, we held a large public event featuring families of prisoners who shared their stories with a new audience, as well as a keynote speech by Sh. Omar Suleiman.

The focus of this conference was the importance of getting involved with the political process to make changes, and it ended with a legislative advocacy day on the Hill where family members and NCPCF staff met with 10 congressional offices.

Two of the new family members to join us were Ashley Young (center), and Linda Woods (right), both of whom had a family member awaiting trial.

Ashley’s brother, Nick,  was entrapped by the FBI, and his trial took place after the family conference. We were very disappointed that a jury found him guilty last week.

How important are NCPCF educational events? At the conference, Stacy said, “This is a problem that I did not know of until it happened to my family – and that is a problem. It’s a problem that there are so many people that there has to be a family conference for it. “

Linda Woods’ son, Erick Hendricks, was also entrapped and awaiting trial. Linda joined the group lobbying on the Hill after the conference. While in prison, Erick had fallen  and broken several ribs, but he was unable to get  attention from prison officials. Linda was able to get needed medical treatment for Erick by contacting her representative.

In a phone call, Erick said, “I would like to thank the good Lord and the National Coalition for prompting my mother, teaching her how to lobby our nation’s leaders…We need organizations like the NCPCF to remain on this whole front line fighting to preserve our freedoms.”

While there were many successes this year, there is much more work to be done. There are many more families that we have not reached.  There are many places where we have not told the stories.

As you think about your end-of-year giving, please consider making a generous donation to NCPCF.

Happy holidays to all, and we’ll see you next year!
Best wishes,
The NCPCF Team


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