Source: The Guardian

The end of American prison visits: jails end face-to-face contact – and families suffer

By: Shannon Sims

Under the new system, in-person visits are no longer allowed. Instead, all visits now must be done by video, either from a smartphone, computer, or at an offsite location. Each video visit made from home costs $12.99 for 20 minutes. In-person visits used to be free. This shift also raises a legal question: is in-person visitation an inmate’s legal right? Although data is hard to come by, Lucius Couloute, a research associate at the Prison Policy Initiative, might have the best guess. By scraping information from news articles, social media, and Google alerts, he estimates at least 600 US facilities now have video visitation programs in place. Indeed, according to the Prison Policy Initiative’s data, 74% of US correctional facilities that implement video calling end up either reducing in-person visits, or eliminating them altogether. Read more here.



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