On August 3rd, 2016, my brother, Nicholas Young, was the first Law Enforcement Officer in the United States to be arrested on charges of terrorism.  He is charged with providing $245 worth of Google Play gift cards to an undercover informant, posing as a friend – a “friend” who had been in his life for several years, who pretended to join the Islamic State, a decision that my brother adamantly advised against. The exchange of these gift cards capped an undercover investigation into my brother, involving at least 6 years of federal government deception and multiple failed sting operations, beginning in 2010 or earlier.


Nick came under surveillance for two reasons: first, because he was an American Muslim Convert, and second, for meeting an individual (who was later convicted on terrorism charges) in passing on a college campus in 2010. This was seemingly enough for the federal government to focus on investigating Nick as a potential threat to our National Security. Nick is a veteran of the Metro Transit Police Department, a former member of ROTC, a strong believer in a living Constitution and American values.  My brother had never been charged with or suspected of any crime or criminal activity. He was an officer who prided himself on never using force in 13 years of service. Along with his worldliness and wit, Nick is also one of the kindest & most gentle people I know. My brother is the victim of Preemptive Prosecution, a predatory, manufactured form of prosecution, which gave the FBI the power to manipulate and groom my brother over the course of six years to set him up to take a fall.  These tactics shadow the shameful McCarthy era of the 1950’s.


Nick has never supported terrorism or terrorist acts.  My brother is not and never has been a terrorist and has no ties to any terrorist person or group.  The only thing extreme about him is his video game playing. My brother Nicholas Young is the victim of deliberate targeting by the federal government to further sensationalize the United States War on Terror.


It has been a long, hard year for my family, one that has been filled with incredible pain.  Following a successful fight to have my brother moved out of solitary confinement, we have been able to build strength in the face of adversity.  My brother has taken blow after blow and is still standing.  Bloodied, yet unbowed, he moves confidently into trial. It is still up in the air whether or not he should take the stand in his own defense. His truth is steadfast and his story is one of unbelievable government abuse and overreach- and their stop-at-nothing tactics to try and get my brother to do something, anything, illegal.  His trial will cast a light on the hideous and perverse manipulation that the government put into my brother’s life over the course of the six-year investigation.


On the day of his arrest, the government presented an affidavit with tabloidesque sensationalism for all mainstream media outlets to report but HERE ARE THE TRUTHS OF HIS CASE:


The Sting Operations 

The US Federal Government strategically placed multiple informants, or “friends”, in Nick’s life through his mosque. Before pleading with Nick for the gift cards (that lead to his charges) in July 2016, the undercover informant had cultivated a friendship with my brother for two years after first infiltrating his friend group.  The development and orchestration of this friendship began years earlier with the government arranging another friendship with a separate undercover agent – a man who was teaching classes at the mosque my brother attended. As it turns out these are just two of the many “friends” that were strategically placed in Nick’s life over the 6 years the undercover investigation was taking place.  


Dangerous Liaisons

Media reports tied my brother to 2 men who had previously plead guilty to terrorism charges:  Zachary Chesser and Amine El-Khalifi, calling them his “friends” or “associates”.  The truth is this is hardly the case. Nick never spoke to either man one on one.  Nick’s only interactions with Chesser occurred in passing on the campus of George Mason University while attending community events in 2010.  The only times he was around Khalifi was when the undercover agent/“friend” orchestrated their meeting by placing them in the same location together.  In fact, Nick cautioned his friend (undercover agent) against associating with Khalifi, suggesting to the agent that he should distance himself from him.  



The Bizarre –

In perhaps the most bizarre part of my brother’s case, the prosecution is calling him a Nazi. They are using this farfetched juxtaposition of “Muslim Nazi” to prove intent before my brothers entrapment took place. This is a sensational tactic to provide a predisposition element. If Nick is a Nazi, then he would be “predisposed” to become a supporter of ISIS. (Yes, this is actually happening)  


My brother is not an ISIS supporter. My brother is not a Nazi. My brother IS a history buff. Just the other day he made reference to the Spanish Inquisition in conversation.  He has hundreds of books and memorabilia from all parts of the world ranging from every side of historical military conflicts, and dating all the way back to the Crusades. When Nick was arrested last summer, the government seized this historical memorabilia as “evidence” from his home.  They cherry picked books and historical Nazi paraphernalia from WWII- items that were just a part of a large and diverse collection of historical literature and artifacts. Nick also studied European History at George Mason University and his academic interests led him to pick up a hobby as a WWII re-enactor. He was part of a legitimate reenactment group for close to a decade.  They were invited to perform on military bases, and used tanks, vehicles, and airplanes from WWII in their battle scenes. 


The prosecution will be using these cherry picked items to paint him as a Nazi – yet they have no actual evidence that he has ever supported, believed in or acted upon Nazi ideology in his life. Again, the “evidence” being submitted at trial are reading materials from his college minor in European History and pieces from his hobby as a war re-enactor. Just a small fraction of the extensive learning and historical collection my brother has acquired through the years.  The prosecution would like so badly to paint Nick as a Nazi, and somehow connect his Nazi “leanings” to why he was predisposed to support ISIS, an Islamic extremist group. The use of a private library in this way is one of the most disturbing and loathsome aspects of this case. It is a lazy and ridiculous justification of a terror case. I fully understand that in order to identify real terrorists our law enforcement community must use different tactics, unfortunately in the case of my brother, they targeted an innocent individual who tried to help a person he viewed as a friend.


This is a trial of entrapment that begs the questions – “Do the ends justify the means?” and “Who’s watching the Watchers?”


I ask for support as Nick goes to trial on December 5th in our home city of Alexandria, Virginia.  His trial is expected to last 2 weeks.  Courtroom support sends a message to the judge, the jury, and the media that people care about the issues involved in this case.  Please come out any day, for however long you are able to stay, and sit with me behind my brother’s side of the courtroom in a show of solidarity.  Court starts at 10am on December 5th in Room 600.


Alexandria Federal Courthouse

401 Courthouse Square
Alexandria, VA 22314

(*No cell phones are allowed into the courthouse*)



Ashley Young


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    Praying for him and others going through similar trials and tribulations. May Allah SWT protect them from all he has created.

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