September 26, 2017

Dear Supporters,

The National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms was first established in 2010 as a response to our government’s “war on terror”, which has created hundreds of political prisoners. Two years later on November 2012, NCPCF held its first ever conference for the families of these political prisoners.  At the end of the conference a teenage participant wrote the following:

“I had a great time this weekend.  Before I felt lost as if nobody understood me and what I have been through.  I lost faith in the situation I have been in and all hope, but seeing everyone has given me the faith I needed and I no longer felt alone.  So thank you.  You guys are all amazing, and I am happy to be part of this family. ”

What family is this young woman talking about?  It is the family of people who understand that after 9/11, the government began to preemptively prosecute people, especially of the Muslim faith, whose ideology, association, or religious beliefs raised governmental concern even though the targets had done nothing illegal.  Hundreds of innocent persons were convicted and sentenced to long prison terms often in solitary confinement under conditions equivalent to torture.  Their families were left to fend for themselves often without any community support or resources.

In October we will be holding our Seventh Family Conference at the beautiful Diaynet Center in Lanham, MD. We are honored and excited that our Friday evening speaker will be Sh. Omar Suleiman.  Many families will be returning, some for the seventh time, and this year we will be bringing several new families. Unfortunately, we still need funds to  cover transportation costs for family members who can’t afford it. Many of our attendees are mothers and children whose primary breadwinner is now unjustly behind bars.

You, our supporters, have been very generous in the past. You enabled us to send a gift of $100 to prisoners each year for Ramadan. This year over 200 prisoners received a gift, thanks to your generosity.  You have made the first six family conferences possible, and many of you have contributed to the seventh family conference. We are deeply grateful for your continuing support, and we thank you very much.

However, we need to raise $10,000. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us meet our goal before October 15! Your act of solidarity will show family members that they aren’t alone. We can only do it with your support and generosity.

You can donate through Paypal by clicking the donate button below, or you can mail a check to NCPCF Family Conference Fund, P.O. Box 33601, Washington, DC.

Thank you in advance.

Mel Underbakke, Ph.D., Executive Director and the NCPCF Team



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