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We can’t fight Trump-style hate with the surveillance state

By: Debbie Southorn

How do we effectively challenge organized white supremacists? Post-Charlottesville, the spotlight focused on the work of an organization of former white supremacists that helps turn neo-Nazis away from racism: Life After Hate. Much of this coverage decried cuts to the funding of Life After Hate. The funding that Life After Hate lost came from a federal program focused on surveillance and policing that disproportionately targets Muslims, called Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). This program has been widely criticized for promoting institutional discrimination and criminalization of Muslim communities. Furthermore, Life After Hate plans to expand its programs to include work challenging “jihadism,” indicating that the organization is buying into the federal program’s troubling “war on terror” framework. While CVE currently focuses on Muslim communities, many critics fear it will chill dissent and access to social services for many marginalized communities. Read more here.



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