Source: SPLC

Islam-bashers blast civil rights activist Linda Sarsour, twisting her use of the word `jihad’

By: Stephen Piggott

The organized anti-Muslim movement — from fringe activists to those who fraternize with President Trump — are unified in their outrage over recent remarks by civil rights activist Linda Sarsour, falsely arguing that she was inciting violence against President Trump. Sarsour’s use of Arabic word “jihad” is clearly what threw the anti-Muslim world into a tizzy. The term is one of many Arabic words co-opted by the anti-Muslim movement to push an agenda linking Islam to violence and a “takeover” of Western civilization. Phrases like “civilization jihad,” a conspiracy theory claiming it is a goal of Muslims to take over the United States from within, and “creeping Shariah,” which suggests Islamic law is usurping the U.S. Constitution, are used ad nauseam by key anti-Muslim spokespersons. But Sarsour’s use of the term “jihad” which translates to “the struggle” has much different connotations to the predominately Muslim audience she uttered it to. Read more here.



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