June 20, 2017 – This morning my dad was released from prison.

By: Reem Kifah Jayyousi


I haven’t shared any information about my dad in a while. I kind of unplugged the last few years from Facebook and other social media so I can focus my energy elsewhere.

Out of everything I shared and could possibly share this is the most personal post you will ever get from me.

As of 7:00 am this morning my dad was released from prison. My brother and mom are driving him to Michigan from Pennsylvania! Alhamdulilah alhamdulilah alhamdulilah! Thank God, thank God, thank God!

It has been a long 13ish years of struggle and pain. We have been through so much as a family but individually we all had our struggles as well. Things have been rough since 2005. But now at this moment it is worth it and it is finally close to over… he will not be able to stay with us but he will be in a halfway house for a few months. This is still so good because we made it. Alhamdulilah we are together and healthy and we made it!

With all the struggle good has come as well. Graduating college with my bachelor’s degree, my brother Mohammed getting married, my brother Mohammed expecting a baby BOY!! So much good has happened. Inshallah it continues to happen now that we can finally be a family again.

I have been decorating the house for baba coming home, the baby announcement, and Eid. I feel like the little 14 year old who hugged her father as he left to come to America to visit my grandpa (RIP, Allah Yer7amo) before he was arrested at the airport when he arrived. I just am genuinely happy and I don’t think I have been in so long.

It is important to remember and know that my father is 1 case 1 person who struggled but we still have men and women in prison for crimes they haven’t committed. We have political prisoners in America. I will never stop fighting for what I believe in. This is motivation to continue to fight for those who had their families torn apart all in the name of “justice” or “freedom”

I will fight harder and advocate more for women and men who are in prison for crimes they never committed. I will fight harder for Black men and women who’s traffic stop can turn deadly even if they do all the right things. I will fight harder for immigrants who are facing death upon their return to their home country. I will fight harder for anyone who is struggling and facing injustice.

All these issues and all these people are suffering and we need to unite and rise together. This isn’t a time to fill your hearts with hate or racism. This is a time to hold hands and build a wall that will be stronger than whatever wall Trump wants to build today. We need to be united!

I love you all. Inshallah I will share more information as it comes! 💕💕

Note:  Reem Jayyousi is  the Program and Communications Coordinator for NCPCF. This is a Facebook post, reprinted with her permission.



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