NCPCF is seeking the generosity of 197 individuals, who are willing to donate $108 each to 197 of these victims, so NCPCF can send each $100 to their prison commissary accounts before the coming holy month of Ramadan.


“…I saw the money in my account from an unknown source. I could not figure out who placed it in my account. When I received your letter and read it halfway, it dawned on me, you sent me the money, and I began to cry and cry and cry.”


Goal: 197 Donations to 197 Prisoners by May 1
Currently: 102 prisoners are covered

Needed: 95 caring and generous people to donate $108 each

Please help by clicking the donation button (top right) or by mailing a check to:

NCPCF, P.O. Box 66301, Washington, DC 20035. 



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