NCPCF is seeking the generosity of 197 individuals, who are willing to donate $108 each, so NCPCF can send $100 to the prison commissary accounts of 197 Muslim prisoners before the coming holy month of Ramadan.

Goal: 197 Donations to 197 Prisoners by May 1
Needed:  197 generous donors  to donate $108/each

Please help by clicking below to make a donation or mailing a check to:

NCPCF, Ramadan Gifts Program, P.O. Box 66301, Washington, DC 20035.  


 Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dear friends and supporters,

It is indisputable that many individuals, including dozens of American Muslims, have been the victims of government prosecutorial overreach and pre-emptive prosecutions based on thought crimes, entrapment, and manufactured charges. Many of those victims have received lengthy sentences and are under abusive conditions in prison.

Ramadan is a particularly lonely time for Muslims who are far from their loved ones. Please help us let them know they are not forgotten.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons allows for special purchase of Ramadan items (such as dates) during this holy month. Our goal in this sixth year of the Ramadan Gift Program is to send $100 to the prison commissary accounts of 197 of these victims before the coming holy month of Ramadan.  NCPCF is seeking 197 generous people who are willing to donate $108 each (the extra $8 will go towards expenses such the purchase of money orders, processing fees, etc.).

We hope that you will show generosity to people who are suffering because of governmental abuse of power and prosecutorial overreach. Please consider making a generous donation today.



Tarik Shah was entrapped by an FBI provocateur posing as a friend, and received a 15 year sentence. He is one of the Muslim prisoners who will spend Ramadan in prison.







In the words of Muslim Inmates

“…The Ramadan gift program and Ramadan letters to prisoners mean a lot to me. I don’t know how to thank you for what you have done for the brothers and sisters who are incarcerated. …”
“…I saw the money in my account from an unknown source. I could not figure out who placed it in my account. When I received your letter and read it halfway, it dawned on me, you sent me the money, and I began to cry and cry and cry. I have not spoken to anyone about myself. I sucked it up and have borne Allah’s decree with patience. For you to send money to me…. This means you would have had to look me up. I swear by the Lord of the Kabaa my mind has taken in all the details of what you would have had to do to contact me. …It makes me cry to think about this. … Thank you so much for your kindness…”

“I thought the $100 increase in my commissary was an error until I received your letter. Imagine how many other inmates’ faces turned from a frown to a smile. The generosity of your practice is as rare as it is welcome. … The work you do takes a lot of courage and it is not easy. …”


This is a charitable appeal for people who are in great need of help to be given during the holiest times of the year. Please consider being one of those who have compassion to those in great need and distress.

Help us publicize and advertise this appeal on the social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you very much for your generosity and concern.

NCPCF Steering Committee



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