Source: Detroit Free Press


Lawyer: Why is white Muslim getting better deal than Arab Muslim?

By: Tresa Baldas


On paper, Sebastian Gregerson and Khalil Rayyan sound a lot alike,  if their alleged crimes are any indication. Both are accused of supporting terrorist groups. But one is a white Muslim convert, the other an Arab Muslim with immigrant parents — a difference that one attorney fears could lead to an injustice as the white suspect appears poised to get a much better sentencing deal. The government wants to lock up Rayyan for eight years; Gregerson could get less than half that. Under a plea deal, Gregerson,  a married father of twins, avid hunter and gun enthusiast who converted to Islam after high school, faces three to five years in prison for possessing explosives.  Rayyan, a single, 22-year-old pizzeria worker whose parents are Palestinian immigrants from Jordan,  faces eight years for gun charges tied to marijuana use: He was trying to buy and use a gun while using pot at the same time. Read more here.



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