Source: Huffington Post

This Islamophobic conspiracy theorist lectured police officers about Islamic extremism

By: Christopher Mathias

As Muslim and civil liberties groups this week expressed outrage over news that Mauro would be delivering a keynote address Thursday on “the threat of Islamic extremism“ at a trade show for hundreds of tactical law enforcement officers in upstate New York, Mauro was indignant. But as Mauro made such public overtures to American Muslims this week, he also repeatedly tweeted and retweeted a link to an article claiming that the Council on American-Islamic Relations — the large Muslim civil liberties organization most loudly condemning his presence at the police conference — has ties to terrorism. The accusation against CAIR, which Mauro has previously made himself, is part of an old and repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory used by anti-Muslim groups. Mauro’s continued embrace of the terror accusation highlights his role in a multimillion-dollar network of hate groups, think tanks, politicians and talking heads who regularly spread fear and misinformation about Islam. Read more here.



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