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  • A special report on Dr. Aafia Siddqui

    Families & Victims November 25, 2014 at 0 comments

    Source: The Peace Thru Justice Foundation. The tragic story of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is mired in layers upon layers of cover-up – from the time she was targeted for a rendition operation (i.e., secret kidnapping, detention and torture) in her native Pakistan, based on nothing more than the “suspicion” of being a high ranking female functionary for al-Qaeda, to being brought back to the U.S. five years later (2008) and charged with “attempting to murder U.S. personnel” in Afghanistan. The question arises, is Aafia now embroiled in yet another cover-up? The former “ghost prisoner” at Bagram (Afghanistan) who’s frequent sobbing and haunting screams – from missing her children and from what was being done to her – would sometimes keep the male prisoners awake at night. A countrywoman arrives to facilitate a telephone call that she hasn’t had in MONTHS, and the person identified as Aafia turns her back and refuses to cooperate?!

  • Najmeh Vahid: A letter to friends and family regarding our plea deal.

    Najmeh Vahid: A letter to friends and family regarding their plea deal. “For America’s sake, I pray that the government will one day take proper steps to correct its wrongs, not only towards our family, but, more importantly, towards the thousands of other imprisoned and deported innocent Muslim Americans”

  • What Zero Dark Thirty gets wrong about Guantánamo Lawyers

    Source: The Hill. To the film, Guantánamo lawyers are defending terrorists – are even complicit in their terrorism. Those lawyers, of course, are simply trying to uphold the Constitution in a place where people have been imprisoned without being charged with – let alone convicted of – anything. (Guantánamo may be the only place on Earth where lawyers try to have their clients charged with crimes.)

  • They have always been us

    Featured Stories January 21, 2013 at 0 comments

    Source: Public Defender. It’s been 10 days since Aaron Swartz killed himself, facing down the barrel of a gun pointed by within-their-rights-but-a-tad-too-zealous federal prosecutors. Plead to 13 felonies and we’ll recommend “only” 6 months in jail, he was told. His apparent crime was of such magnitude and caused such harm that civil disobedience was not seen for and treated as it was.

  • The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz

    Featured Stories January 12, 2013 at 0 comments

    Source: The Guardian. Whatever else is true, Swartz was destroyed by a “justice” system that fully protects the most egregious criminals as long as they are members of or useful to the nation’s most powerful factions, but punishes with incomparable mercilessness and harshness those who lack power and, most of all, those who challenge power.

  • Here Are The 104 Places in America to Put Gitmo Detainees

    Featured Stories November 28, 2012 at 0 comments

    Source: Wired. Think it’s too dangerous to house the 166 suspected terrorists locked up in Guantanamo Bay within the continental United States? A powerful senator asked a congressional research office to run the numbers. It found that there are no fewer than 104 places inside the U.S. to safely lock them up — provided they make serious modifications.

  • America and the Muslims

    Featured Stories, Op-Eds, Opinions September 14, 2012 at 0 comments

    Source: CounterPunch. The criteria to judge whether a society values and respects free speech is when the most vulnerable members of society, those who might be the targets of the majority, can feel safe and free to say what they think when they want on any subject without fear, intimidation or negative repercussions. In other words, to know whether America today honors free speech one must ask one hundred random American Muslim activists that question to get the real answer. In a nutshell, America shall only have credibility as a champion and guardian of freedom of speech and expression when the thoughts, speeches, writings, fatwas, translations, poetry, and web browsing of Tarek Mehanna and his colleagues are not criminalized. Only when they are set free can America reclaim back the mantle.

  • Profile of Pamela Geller

    Source: CAIR. The caustic mouthpiece of the Islamophobic movement.

  • Muslim Community Reacts to Local Terrorism Trials

    Source: WUNC. Lawyers are preparing for a case in November that involves a highly respected Muslim woman from Raleigh. She was arrested earlier this year for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to murder an FBI informant. The government’s case rests largely on Facebook activity and confidential informants.

  • Expose the Islamophobia industry

    Source: New York Daily News. The Islamophobia industry insists that it is not just a fringe minority who distort an otherwise peaceful faith. Instead, they point to the Koran and suggest that terrorists derive their world views from its messages. If that is so, these anti-Muslim agitators are guilty based on the logic of their own argument. After all, Breivik read and interpreted the writings of people like Spencer and Geller. He deciphered their diatribes much like Osama Bin Laden interpreted the Koran. Both men were compelled to act on the messages they digested.