• Amnesty slams latest Supreme Court ruling on ‘cruel and discriminatory’ Muslim ban

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    Source: Common Dreams. The decision from the Supreme Court, said Naureen Shah, Amnesty International USA senior director of campaigns, “jeopardizes the safety of thousands of people across the world including vulnerable families fleeing war and violence.” “On top of that,” she continued, “this prolonged legal battle is creating further distress and confusion for ordinary people who need to visit the U.S. to get medical attention, reunite with family, or get an education. No part of this cruel and discriminatory ban is reasonable. Congress must intervene and end the ban once and for all.”

  • The Trump administration provides one more reason to discontinue CVE

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    Source: Just Security. CVE has three principal weaknesses, all of which have become pretty much impossible to ignore in the Trump administration. First, CVE programs often use a disproven approach of trying to identify individuals vulnerable to “radicalization” in order to divert them to more productive paths than terrorism. A related problem with CVE is its almost exclusive focus on Muslim communities. Finally, Muslim communities – which have been the target of extensive surveillance by law enforcement since the 9/11 attacks, including under the guise of community outreach programs – were understandably concerned that CVE was just another intelligence-gathering exercise.

  • Politico’s poll on Trump’s travel ban is fake news

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    Source: Think Progress. This morning, Politico published a story with a provocative headline: “Poll: Majority of voters back Trump travel ban.” There is only one problem with this story: it isn’t true. Politico did not even ask a polling question ab0ut the latest version of Trump’s travel ban, which is expressed in a March 7 executive order. Rather, the poll asked about “new guidelines which say visa applicants from six predominately Muslim countries must prove a close family relationship with a U.S. resident in order to enter the country.” These guidelines are not Trump’s policy, but a requirement imposed through a per curium order of the Supreme Court.

  • Think the Supreme Court isn’t inching us toward Trump’s Muslim ban? Think again

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    Source: Daily Beast. The U.S. Supreme Court decision on Monday reinstating a portion of President Trump’s Muslim ban is an alarming step to legitimizing anti-Muslim bigotry and possibly even one day legalizing discrimination against American Muslims. If you have any doubt, just check out Twitter, as self-professed Trump supporters cheered what they saw as being a first step on the way to Trump’s declared goal of a “total and complete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States.” But why wouldn’t they rejoice, considering 65 percent of GOP primary voters support Trump’s call for a total Muslim ban? Yet we are told time and time again that Trump voters were motivated by “economic anxiety” not bigotry. It’s hard to even write that line without laughing.

  • What’s hidden behind the walls of US prisons

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    Source: Truthout (6/14): What’s Hidden Behind the Walls of US Prisons
    Prisons are built to be out of sight and are, thus, out of mind. Somehow, even though these institutions contain human beings, including children, and even though we are the ones who cough up the billion of dollars that it costs to run them, we are expected simply to trust that they are operated humanely and that they in fact make our society safer. Throughout American history unspeakable abuse of men and women has been allowed to happen behind prison walls because the public had no access.

  • How the BOP uses CMUs to silence prison writers

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    Source: Huffington Post. The CMU is a pretty bizarre concept because the BOP is controlling people for what they might say, think, or do in terms of communicating with the outside world. That seems to be pretty antithetical to the whole notion of free speech, but they’re getting away with it. Historically the notion of prison’s been to deprive people of their liberty by keeping them locked up psychically, rather then this whole thing that you can control people’s thoughts. It’s pretty novel and draconian, both in concept and in implementation.

  • The bankrupt way the White House tells ‘bad Muslims’ from ‘good Muslims’

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    Source: Foreign Policy in Focus. The president recently returned from Saudi Arabia, where he gave his Muslim hosts a speech about the threats of “radical Islamist terrorism.” Because Trump steered slightly clear of his usual vitriol toward Muslims some folks in the media credited Trump for not saying anything “overtly” Islamophobic. They seem to have missed the fact that Trump’s language, while perhaps less direct than what he says to crowds of his supporters in the United States, was still drenched in the demonization of Muslims.

  • Attacks like Portland’s will keep happening unless we all fight white supremacy

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    Source: The Washington Post. We must acknowledge, condemn and combat white supremacy. The belief that white people are superior to other races is responsible for some of the greatest tragedies in modern history. Manifest destiny, the genocide of Native Americans, slavery, Jim Crow and even mass incarceration are inextricably rooted in white supremacy. This belief system proliferates in the United States, including in places such as Portland, where local community organizations such as the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon and Unite Oregon have fought tirelessly to combat it. The greatest threat facing our country comes from homegrown white supremacists, not Muslims or refugees. Yet we don’t treat it with the requisite level of urgency, because we dismiss these acts of violence as isolated incidents rather than manifestations of a deeper ideology rooted in hate.

  • White terrorists killed more Americans this week than refugees have in 40 years

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    Source: Resistance Report. No refugees hailing from any of the countries included in Trump’s Muslim ban have ever killed any Americans. The last time any refugees killed any Americans was more than 40 years ago, when three Cuban refugees killed three Americans (Cuba is not included in the travel ban). While the numbers back up the claim that the real terror threat is not from refugees, the Trump administration has been eerily silent about the growing trend of hate crimes in the United States committed by white people against people of color, particularly in the name of Trump.

  • Trump nominates actual fascist David Clarke for Department of Homeland Security

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    Source: New York Magazine. Clarke’s mind is organized around a worship of the virtues of physical force, combined with a seething intolerance for democratic dissent. In his book, Clarke proposes that the Department of Homeland Security — the department that he has been nominated to serve — assume police-state powers to round up internal enemies. “I suggest that our commander in chief ought to utilize Article I, Section 9 and take all of these individuals that are suspected, these ones on the internet spewing jihadi rhetoric … to scoop them up, charge them with treason and, under habeas corpus, detain them indefinitely at Gitmo,” he writes.