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  • How those anti-Muslim videos probably got into Trump’s Twitter feed

    Source: Huffington Post. How did the president of the United States come to retweet three anti-Muslim videos to his 43 million followers early Wednesday morning? Based on the Twitter accounts he follows and the surge in anti-Muslim activity on the social media platform this year, here’s one possible scenario.

  • Anti-Muslim company’s bombing tweet the latest in a series of erratic statements and behaviors

    Source: Southern Poverty Law Center. John Guandolo and his organization (UTT) have gained attention and notoriety for passing off anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and stereotypes as professional counterterrorism training. Recently, Guandolo and UTT have taken the rhetoric to new heights. Character attacks against Muslim organizations by voices from the anti-Muslim movement are nothing new. However, it is one thing to engage in verbal assaults against an individual or organization, and quite another to call for actual physical violence against a target. Yet that’s exactly what the UTT’s Twitter account appears to have done on October 27.

  • How fake news turned a small town upside down

    Source: The New York Times Magazine. At the height of the 2016 election, exaggerated reports of a juvenile sex crime brought a media maelstrom to Twin Falls — one the Idaho city still hasn’t recovered from.

  • Islam-bashers blast civil rights activist Linda Sarsour, twisting her use of the word `jihad’

    Source: SPLC. The organized anti-Muslim movement — from fringe activists to those who fraternize with President Trump — are unified in their outrage over recent remarks by civil rights activist Linda Sarsour, falsely arguing that she was inciting violence against President Trump. Sarsour’s use of Arabic word “jihad” is clearly what threw the anti-Muslim world into a tizzy. The term is one of many Arabic words co-opted by the anti-Muslim movement to push an agenda linking Islam to violence and a “takeover” of Western civilization. Phrases like “civilization jihad,” a conspiracy theory claiming it is a goal of Muslims to take over the United States from within, and “creeping Shariah,” which suggests Islamic law is usurping the U.S. Constitution, are used ad nauseam by key anti-Muslim spokespersons. But Sarsour’s use of the term “jihad” which translates to “the struggle” has much different connotations to the predominately Muslim audience she uttered it to.

  • ‘Faithkeepers’ film is a not-so-subtle attack on Islam

    Source: RNS. The lineup of individuals and organizations behind “Faithkeepers” reads like a “who’s who” collection of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of Islamophobic “hate groups.” The film itself is a product of the Clarion Project, which has been involved in the production, direction and distribution of other films, including “Obsession” and “The Third Jihad” — both of which have been discredited as works of notorious anti-Muslim propaganda. Clarion’s funding also comes from the same sources that have funded anti-Muslim campaigners like Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer and Brigitte Gabriel.

  • Todd Green accuses Robert Spencer of “professional Islamophobia” in speech to campus community

    Source: The Gettysburgian. Dr. Todd Green, Associate Professor of Religion at Luther College, presented on professional Islamophobia Sunday evening to a packed Mara Auditorium at Gettysburg College. The lecture, sponsored by the Religious Studies Department and the Peace and Justice Studies program, was arranged to develop the idea of Professional Islamophobia before the presentation on “The Political Ramifications of Islamic Fundamentalism” by Robert Spencer on Wednesday. Green defined professional Islamophobia as “a cadre of extremist bloggers, authors, some politicians, [and] pundits, who make a living and a career off of dehumanizing and demonizing Muslims.”

  • Conservative pundit Sebastian Gorka brings ‘Global Jihadist Movement’ theory into White House

    Source: The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Gorka is part of the new White House Strategic Initiatives Group. He said he reports to Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s adviser and son-in-law; Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff; and Steve Bannon, the president’s chief strategist. In Mr. Gorka’s worldview, critics say, violence is a feature of Islam, not a bug. And his insistence that U.S. policy address terrorism primarily as a religious problem, rather than as the result of overlapping factors such as poverty, social immobility, or lack of education, will reinforce the notion that the U.S. is at war with Islam, an idea that two previous presidential administrations strove to combat, his critics say.

  • Jeff Sessions and the Islamophobia industry

    Source: Jacobin. Much has been written about the Alabama senator’s racist history, including his hostility to the Voting Rights Act. Less is known about Sessions’s close ties to the well-funded bloc of extremist anti-Muslim activists that author Nathan Lean has called the “Islamophobia industry.” These aren’t your run-of-the-mill anti-Islam bigots. This is a network of zealous, far-right astroturf organizers, the worst of the Islamophobes, who seek to foment a war on Muslims.

  • Anti-Islam speakers regularly visit north, central Minnesota

    Source: Associated Press. North and central Minnesota have become fertile ground for traveling speakers who have built national careers spreading alarm about the danger they say Islam poses in the U.S. At dozens of rural churches and schools, speakers have warned crowds about refugees and called on them to be prepared to oppose Muslims in Minnesota.

  • Ex-FBI agent John Guandolo to provide anti-Muslim law enforcement training in Phoenix

    Imagine 2050. John Guandolo , the disgraced former FBI agent and notorious anti-Muslim activist is scheduled to hold a training designed for law enforcement officials in Phoenix, Arizona. The event, titled “Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Network,” is being sponsored by Guandolo’s “counter-terrorism” consulting outfit, Understanding the Threat, and is being advertised on his website. In order to lend a sense of credibility to the trainings, Guandolo touts his FBI credentials. However in this role, he merely peddles anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. In a 2011 training session, Guandolo further showed his personal bias when he said that Muslims in America “don’t have a First Amendment right to do anything.”