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  • Anti-Islam speakers regularly visit north, central Minnesota

    Source: Associated Press. North and central Minnesota have become fertile ground for traveling speakers who have built national careers spreading alarm about the danger they say Islam poses in the U.S. At dozens of rural churches and schools, speakers have warned crowds about refugees and called on them to be prepared to oppose Muslims in Minnesota.

  • Ex-FBI agent John Guandolo to provide anti-Muslim law enforcement training in Phoenix

    Imagine 2050. John Guandolo , the disgraced former FBI agent and notorious anti-Muslim activist is scheduled to hold a training designed for law enforcement officials in Phoenix, Arizona. The event, titled “Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Network,” is being sponsored by Guandolo’s “counter-terrorism” consulting outfit, Understanding the Threat, and is being advertised on his website. In order to lend a sense of credibility to the trainings, Guandolo touts his FBI credentials. However in this role, he merely peddles anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. In a 2011 training session, Guandolo further showed his personal bias when he said that Muslims in America “don’t have a First Amendment right to do anything.”

  • This Islamophobic conspiracy theorist lectured police officers about Islamic extremism

    Source: Huffington Post, As Muslim and civil liberties groups this week expressed outrage over news that Mauro would be delivering a keynote address Thursday on “the threat of Islamic extremism“ at a trade show for hundreds of tactical law enforcement officers in upstate New York, Mauro was indignant. But as Mauro made such public overtures to American Muslims this week, he also repeatedly tweeted and retweeted a link to an article claiming that the Council on American-Islamic Relations — the large Muslim civil liberties organization most loudly condemning his presence at the police conference — has ties to terrorism. The accusation against CAIR, which Mauro has previously made himself, is part of an old and repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory used by anti-Muslim groups. Mauro’s continued embrace of the terror accusation highlights his role in a multimillion-dollar network of hate groups, think tanks, politicians and talking heads who regularly spread fear and misinformation about Islam.

  • Groups denounce anti-Muslim “extremist” speaking at police conference

    Source: Buzz Feed News. Ryan Mauro is scheduled to deliver the address and conduct training sessions at the New York Tactical Officers Association’s 10th annual three-day conference in Verona, New York. Mauro is a national security analyst at the Clarion Project — a nonprofit “dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamist extremism.” The group has been called anti-Muslim and has been criticized by left-leaning media for promoting Islamophobic material and views. The Southern Poverty Law Center called Mauro an “extremist” who has “promoted the false narrative of ‘no-go zones’ for non-Muslims in Europe” and pointed to his comments that Muslims “create enclaves where they can begin gradually implementing Sharia law” in the U.S.

  • Once shunned, anti-Muslim gadfly is now helping to set ‘racist’ agenda for CPAC

    Source: Raw Story. An anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist with ties to both white supremacists and several GOP presidential candidates has invited European racists to take part in panels at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Just five years ago, the Center for Security Policy and its founder, Frank Gaffney, were banned from the annual conservative gathering over their accusations that two CPAC board members, Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, were secretly aiding the Muslim Brotherhood. But now Gaffney — who drew Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to his anti-Iran rally last year — has returned to a position of influence and has invited admitted racists to speak at CPAC, reported Hatewatch.

  • ‘New atheist’ spokesperson Sam Harris featured in explicitly anti-Muslim hate video

    Source: Alternet. A new viral video produced by the Clarion Project, a far-right organization labeled an “anti-Muslim group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is inspired by one of the New Atheist movement’s most well-known figures, author and neuroscientist Sam Harris. Entitled “By The Numbers — The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics,” the Clarion video has garnered over 2.7 million views and is based on Harris’ dubious taxonomy of Muslims, in which he makes the case that the mainstream of the Islamic faith is directly tied to extremism.

  • Palestinian-American artist detained for sketches & Arabic writing falsely accused of terrorism by right-wing media

    Source: Salon. Palestinian-American artist detained for sketches & Arabic writing falsely accused of terrorism by right-wing media
    Palestinian-American artist and author Leila Abdelrazaq was detained and interrogated in Arizona, near the Mexican border, because of notebook sketches and Arabic writing. After her brief detainment, right-wing media outlets distorted the story, spreading myths and blatant lies that the young woman was supposedly leading a terror plot.

  • Meet the mega-donors funding Donald Trump’s Islamophobic allies

    Source: Huffington Post. When billionaire eccentric and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump called for banning all Muslims from entering the United States of America, he used what appeared to be data backing up the fears his policy was designed to alleviate. By citing bogus data, Trump helped shine a light on how the broader Islamophobic network works. Bogus statistics and trumped-up conspiracy theories are touted by mainstream figures to increase alarm and fear about Muslims.

  • Wayne Simmons, recurring Fox News guest, charged with lying about CIA ties

    Source: CNN: Wayne Simmons, a recurring guest on Fox News who claimed to have 27 years of experience with the CIA, was arrested Thursday after being indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that he lied about his service. Simmons is accused of falsely claiming that he worked as an “outside paramilitary special operations officer” for the CIA from 1973 to 2000. On Fox, this was often shortened to “former CIA operative.” In his appearances on Fox, Simmons regularly made extreme and factually dubious statements pertaining to terrorism and national security. Just this January, he claimed there were “at least 19 paramilitary Muslim training facilities in the United States.” Simmons also claimed that waterboarding was not torture and accused President Obama of being a novice who lacked spine — claims that were given greater credence because of the perception that he was a veteran CIA paramilitary officer.

  • Killing of Detroit Imam in 2009 described as “nothing less than a cover-up”

    Source: The Intercept. On October 28, 2009, dozens of heavily armed FBI agents swarmed a warehouse in Dearborn, Michigan, to execute an arrest warrant against Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53, and several other men, who had been accused of fencing stolen merchandise. What exactly happened next remains in dispute, but the raid resulted in Abdullah being shot more than 20 times and dying on the scene. An FBI press release issued later that day said that Abdullah, an imam at a mosque on Detroit’s West Side, “did not surrender and fired [a] weapon. An exchange of gun fire followed and Abdullah was killed.” This version of events has been fiercely contested by Abdullah’s lawyers and family, as well as an eyewitness to the shooting. Now, representatives of Abdullah’s estate are attempting to take his case to the Supreme Court, arguing that he was unlawfully killed during the 2009 encounter, and that the FBI and local law enforcement staged a cover-up.