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  • A special report on Dr. Aafia Siddqui

    Families & Victims November 25, 2014 at 0 comments

    Source: The Peace Thru Justice Foundation. The tragic story of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is mired in layers upon layers of cover-up – from the time she was targeted for a rendition operation (i.e., secret kidnapping, detention and torture) in her native Pakistan, based on nothing more than the “suspicion” of being a high ranking female functionary for al-Qaeda, to being brought back to the U.S. five years later (2008) and charged with “attempting to murder U.S. personnel” in Afghanistan. The question arises, is Aafia now embroiled in yet another cover-up? The former “ghost prisoner” at Bagram (Afghanistan) who’s frequent sobbing and haunting screams – from missing her children and from what was being done to her – would sometimes keep the male prisoners awake at night. A countrywoman arrives to facilitate a telephone call that she hasn’t had in MONTHS, and the person identified as Aafia turns her back and refuses to cooperate?!

  • Najmeh Vahid: A letter to friends and family regarding our plea deal.

    Najmeh Vahid: A letter to friends and family regarding their plea deal. “For America’s sake, I pray that the government will one day take proper steps to correct its wrongs, not only towards our family, but, more importantly, towards the thousands of other imprisoned and deported innocent Muslim Americans”

  • Muslim Community Reacts to Local Terrorism Trials

    Source: WUNC. Lawyers are preparing for a case in November that involves a highly respected Muslim woman from Raleigh. She was arrested earlier this year for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to murder an FBI informant. The government’s case rests largely on Facebook activity and confidential informants.

  • Dr Aafia still alive: US prison spokesperson

    Source: The Express Tribune. Dr Maria Douglas, a spokesperson for Federal Medical Center Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas where Dr Siddiqui is serving her prison sentence, vehemently denied rumours and said that it was absolutely false that Dr Siddiqui had passed away, adding that no medical emergency has arisen.

  • Convicted for Compassion: The Ongoing Trials of the Good Doctor Rafil Dhafir

    Link: Pacific Free Times. What was the result of Feb 26, 2003 besides imprisoning of innocent people? Scores of innocent elderly American cancer patients died needlessly, innumerable tens of thousands of Iraqi needy (children, women and men) died, and more than that suffered malnutrition and the humiliation of poverty.

  • America’s ‘detainee 001′ – the persecution of John Walker Lindh

    Source: The Guardian

    America’s ‘detainee 001′ – the persecution of John Walker Lindh by Frank Lindh.
    Father of ‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh, explains in a detailed article why his son is an innocent victim of America’s ‘war on terror’. My hope and prayer is that at some point rational, fair-minded officials in the American government will see the wisdom in releasing John from prison, rather than making him serve the entire 20-year sentence. His continued incarceration serves no good purpose. Releasing John from prison would help restore America’s image in the world, and particularly among Muslim people, as a humane country committed to the rule of law.

  • ‘Little Gitmo': The story of Imam Yasin Aref by Christopher S. Stewart

    Source: New York Times Magazine. ‘Little Gitmo’ by Christopher S. Stewart.
    When an upstate imam named Yassin Aref was convicted on a suspect terrorism charge, he was sent to a secretive prison denounced by civil libertarians as a Muslim quarantine.
    How intelligence is gathered from CMU inmates. How the FBI was able to pursue Aref.

  • The Winter of Human Rights

    Source: Amnesty International/Human Rights Now. The Winter of Human Rights by Elaine Scarry.
    David Cole’s three legal claims – that Mr. Ashcroft and his co-defendants had contributed to acts of torture, conspiracy to torture, and obstruction of access to the courts – were not even denied by the defense lawyers. How could they be, given the stark record of events that had taken place?
    The sentences I repeat to myself each day are Amnesty International’s: “How many people does it take to stop torture? One. You.”

  • Bin Laden’s Gone. Can My Son Come Home?

    Source: New York Times. Frank Lindh: Bin Laden’s Gone. Can My Son Come Home?
    John’s case was never about evidence. It was based purely on emotion — shock and anger over 9/11, compounded with a deep frustration that Bin Laden was able to escape from American forces.

  • U.S. Attorney Escalates Attacks on Civil Liberties of Anti-War, Palestinian Human Rights Activists

    Source: The Committee to Stop FBI Repression. U.S. Attorney Escalates Attacks on Civil Liberties of Anti-War, Palestinian Human Rights Activists.
    The U.S. government froze the bank accounts of Hatem Abudayyeh and his wife. Abudayyeh is one of 23 activists from Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois subpoenaed to a federal grand jury in Chicago, and his home was raided by the FBI in September of last year. Neither Abudayyeh nor his wife have been charged with any crime.