Building Our Community/Strengthening Our Coalition

  • NCPCF Fifth Annual Ramadan Gift Appeal

    Send Muslims in Prison a Gift this Ramadan Dear Supporters, Celebrating holidays and religious events with family and friends are happy occasions that free people take for granted. I know from experience that nothing is more disheartening to a person whose freedom was unjustly taken away than when such events […]

  • Attorney Steve F. Downs lectures on civil rights

    Source: Luther College Chips. Attorney Steven F. Downs [NCPCF] delivered a lecture titled “Tribal Justice and the Erosion of Civil Rights: How Scapegoating Muslims Threatens Us All” on April 21 in the Center for Faith and Life Recital Hall. The event was the last lecture of the 2015-16 Religion Forum Lecture Series. Downs’ work has focused particularly, but not entirely, on preemptive prosecutions of Muslims in the post-9/11 world. Downs began the lecture by asserting that humans by nature are defensive in a tribal-like manner. Downs argued that part of the reason that the U.S. government has profiled entire religious or ethnic groups using preemptive prosecution can be attributed to this tribal fear.

  • Rights groups want White House framework banning monitoring of Muslims

    Source: The Hill. More than two dozen civil liberties and human rights groups on Friday pressed the White House to make sure anti-terrorism efforts don’t infringe on people’s ability to freely practice their religion in peace. Especially given the “current climate of scapegoating and anti-Muslim bigotry,” the groups wrote, the Obama administration should be sure to implement policies making it difficult for a future president to use current policies to monitor Muslims. “It is all too easy to imagine a subsequent administration seizing on CVE [countering violent extremism] programs that are now in development as vehicles for systematic and large-scale profiling, patrolling and surveillance of American Muslim and communities presumed to be Muslim,”. the 27 organizations wrote in the letter to White House counterterrorism adviser Jen Easterly.

  • Protesters again call for proof that doctor is alive in west Fort Worth prison

    Source: Star-Telegram. Supporters of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, who became the first female terrorism defendant arrested after 9-11, gathered Friday in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Fort Worth to demand proof that she is still alive and that she be released and returned to Pakistan. Siddiqui supporters, including the Pakistani government, contend she and her three young children were kidnapped in Pakistan as part of a U.S.-ordered rendition operation based on erroneous intelligence.

  • Many supporters attend oral argument in CMU case

    Many supporters attend oral argument in CMU case By: Lynne Jackson On March 15, 2016 I attended the oral argument in Center for Constitutional Right’s case challenging the “Little Gitmo” CMU prisons – Aref v. Holder. Hands down, CCR’s Rachel Meeropol gave the absolute best argument of all of the […]

  • Guantanamo North

    Dear NCPCF Families, Friends and Supporters,

    On Tuesday I will be attending oral arguments in Aref v. Holder in the DC Circuit Court, which is a case challenging the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ “Communication Management Units” (CMUs).People in these prison units are barred from any physical contact with their visitors, and their phone calls, work, and educational opportunities are severely limited. The Center for Constitutional Rights is arguing that the federal government places people in CMUs arbitrarily, without due process, and in retaliation for protected speech and religious practice. CMUs have come to be known as “Guantanamo North” due to their severity. NCPCF has worked closely with several families who have had sons, fathers, and brothers spend time in a CMU, and we need you today to increase the support we can provide them. Dr. Maha Hilal

  • Overflow crowd attends Duka appeal hearings

    Source: Workers World. The courtroom was packed. Despite 20 degree Fahrenheit weather, a rally outside the courthouse before the hearing started drew over one hundred loud, sign-carrying supporters. Most of the extensive press coverage before and after the hearings questioned whether the Fort Dix 5 should have been convicted.

  • Tampa Bay Supports Muslims! Starting the New Year off RIGHT!

    Source: Friends of Human Rights . The Tampa Bay community turned out in force to support Muslim brothers and sisters at the beginning of the new year at an event held at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa, Florida.

  • We need you to accomplish even more in 2016

    Dear NCPCF Families, Friends, and Supporters, As this year comes to an end, I wanted to take the time to thank you for helping NCPCF accomplish so much in 2015. Here are the top five accomplishments you helped us achieve:   Started new online briefing series “Just Us and Injustice” […]

  • I am more proud than ever

    “I am not going to take responsibility for the actions of other Muslims.”  As politicians from Donald Trump to President Obama try to paint all Muslims with one brush, and lay the responsibility for the actions of a very few on the entire community, more courageous words have never been spoken.  These […]