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    SEVENTH FAMILY CONFERENCE APPEAL. June 20, 2017. Reem Jayyousi, our Program and Communications Coordinator, is also one of these affected family members. Her father was unjustly incarcerated in a Communications Management Unit where he was allowed only one 15-minute phone call per week, and NO contact visits with his family. Please listen to this webinar to learn about CMUs and to hear Reem’s story of how she was affected by this experience.


    Dear Friends and Supporters, Today, we are launching a fundraising campaign for one of our most important programs, a conference for affected families of Muslim political prisoners who have been unjustly incarcerated in the so-called “war on terror.” This will be our seventh conference, and we need your help to make it a success!

  • NCPCF Presents in the Midwest

    NCPCF Presents in the Midwest. NCPCF presented a program “Islam and Pre-crime Incarceration” at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, on Wednesday. Kathy Manley, NCPCF legal director and Mariam Abu-Ali, director of the Prisoner and Family Committee spoke. They were joined by Ikraan Abdurahman, whose brother incarcerated for what can best be described as “thought crime”.

  • Sixth Annual Ramadan Gifts Appeal

    NCPCF is seeking the generosity of 204 individuals who are willing to donate $108 each to 204 victims of preemptive prosecution. $100 will be sent directly to their prison commissary accounts, with the rest covering PayPal fees and mailing expenses. Money orders will be mailed   to arrive before the holy […]

  • Islamophobia and The War on Terror

  • Issue No 522 – April 18, 2017

    – SIXTH ANNUAL RAMADAN GIFTS APPEAL NCPCF is seeking the generosity of 197 individuals, who are willing to donate $108 each to 197 of these victims, so NCPCF can send each $100 to their prison commissary accounts before the coming holy month of Ramadan. “…I saw the money in my […]


    SIXTH ANNUAL RAMADAN GIFTS APPEAL. The Federal Bureau of Prisons allows for special purchase of Ramadan items (such as dates) during this holy month. Our goal in this sixth year of the Ramadan Gift Program is to send $100 to the prison commissary accounts of 197 of these victims before the coming holy month of Ramadan. NCPCF is seeking 197 generous people who are willing to donate $108 each (the extra $8 will go towards expenses such the purchase of money orders, processing fees, etc.).

    We hope that you will show generosity to people who are suffering because of governmental abuse of power and prosecutorial overreach. Please consider making a generous donation today.

  • What the Ramadan Gift Program meant to me

    Dear Friends and Supporters, Today marks the first day of our Ramadan gift campaign as we remember the Muslim prisoners who are far from their loved ones during Ramadan. One of those prisoners was Ismail Royer, who  was recently released after 14 years of harsh incarceration.  In the letter below, […]

  • Lynne Stewart – A Tribute

    Lynne Stewart – A Tribute. Lynne Stewart, “the people’s lawyer”, died on March 7, 2017 from cancer. The title of “the people’s lawyer”, is quietly given to the lawyer who represents the interests of the poor, the marginalized, and the revolutionaries. Lynne paid a high personal price for her advocacy which refused to concede an inch to the wealthy and powerful, but she earned the respect, and admiration of young lawyers and activists who emulated her as a model in the struggle for freedom.

  • Hatem Fariz, NCPCF Development Director – My Time in “Gitmo North”

    In 2003, I was falsely charged on allegations that I had ties to Palestinian Islamic Jihad and was subsequently arrested. These charges were leveraged against me because of my identity as Muslim and Palestinian; an identity that has become increasingly criminalized in the War on Terror. After pleading guilty to lesser charges, I was sentenced to 3 years in prison, but not just any prison-a communications management unit. Nicknamed, “Gitmo North,” and “Little Gitmo,” this prison, one of two in the country, houses prisoners under extremely harsh and restrictive conditions, including no contact visits and little phone call access.