Islamophobia & Civil Freedoms

  • Franklin Graham continues to spread anti-Muslim hate

    Source: World Religion News. On July 17, Franklin Graham made one of the most bigoted posts about Muslims on his Facebook. As the president of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, it’s assumed he would aim to spread love. However, he has, time and again, chosen to use his platform and ability to reach millions to spread hate toward Muslims. The post in question received thousands of likes and comments from supporters.

  • Officials considering monitoring mosques after shooting in Chattanooga

    Source: WPDE. Law enforcement agencies across the country are reassessing security in the wake of the shooting rampage last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And the focus is once again on young radicalized Muslim men and the signs police all too often miss. Some security experts say the way to stop the next act of domestic terrorism is to place officers inside America’s most sacred spaces.

  • Muslim cemetery plans stir outrage in small Texas town

    Source: International Business Times. A normally quiet town of 3,000 in Texas has been up in arms in recent weeks over plans to bring an Islamic cemetery within their city limits. More than 100 residents packed a Farmersville City Council meeting Tuesday night to express their concern. The cemetery issue was not an official agenda item for Tuesday night’s meeting, as it is not yet up for a vote. But residents who spoke during a 30-minute time allocated for community comments are hoping to thwart the plan.

  • Muslim comics in a league of their own at upcoming ‘Muslim Funny Fest’

    Source: Daily News. Islam and hilarity are not two words often found in the same sentence. But a group of Muslim comedians is out to change that.Obeidallah and fellow Muslim-American comic Maysoon Zayid are planning to fight stereotypes and racism with the most powerful weapon they know: humor. Later this month, the pair will host the first “Muslim Funny Fest” in New York, which will feature 10 professionals, who all happen to be Muslim, performing over three nights to make fun of themselves, the audience, and all the ways Islam has become vilified in American culture.

  • Muslim advocacy group takes MTA to court over ads

    Source: Newsweek. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) advertising policy is being challenged in a lawsuit filed Thursday by an organization called the Muslim Advocates on behalf of Vaguely Qualified Productions. Advertisements designed by the production company had been approved by the MTA and were paid for, but they never ran. After the MTA changed its advertising policy in late April, the transit authority said the ads failed to meet the new standards. The new MTA policy classified the ads as political, meaning they were not allowed to run in subways or on buses.

  • Rights groups are slamming a Colorado biker club for planning an anti-Islam ‘pig roast’ this weekend

    Source: Reuters. A civil rights group said on Friday it was deeply disturbed by reports that a Colorado motorcycle club has distributed flyers for an anti-Ramadan barbecue, including a pig roast, this weekend “in defiance of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.” Scott Levin, regional director of the Mountain States Anti-Defamation League (ADL), said in a statement the “open bike party” was being advertised by the Colorado Springs chapter of the Infidels Motorcycle Club. “Holding an event mocking the Muslim observance of Ramadan, a holy time in the Muslim faith, is highly offensive and abhorrent. As a community, we must reject anti-Muslim bigotry whenever and wherever it surfaces,” Levin said.

  • Muslim chaplain claims discrimination on United flight

    Source: CNN. A Muslim chaplain and director of interfaith engagement at Northwestern University, Ahmad, 31, was traveling Friday from Chicago to Washington for a conference promoting dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian youths. She was wearing a headscarf, or hijab.For hygienic reasons, she asked for an unopened can of soda, she said. The flight attendant told her that she could not give her one but then handed an unopened can of beer to a man seated nearby. Ahmad questioned the flight attendant.”We are unauthorized to give unopened cans to people because they may use it as a weapon on the plane,” she recalled the flight attendant telling her.

  • In Arizona, bikers plan armed protest outside of mosque

    Source: The Bridge Initiative. On Friday, May 29, 2015, a group of bikers in Arizona plan to host an anti-Muslim demonstration outside of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. Dubbed as “Freedom of Speech Rally Round 2,” a reference to American blogger Pamela Geller’s deadly “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas earlier this month. This rally shows how seemingly fringe figures like Pamela Geller have (even unintentionally) inspired copycat demonstrations across the country.This event is yet another reminder of the degree to which “free speech” demonstrations are often veneers for deep-seated animus. iIt highlights the degree to which Islamophobia runs rampant on the Internet, and how social media has become a breeding ground for groups like this who, in addition to fomenting their views online, use the virtual space to plan and organize actual events.

  • A terror threat Fox News won’t cover

    Source: Media Matters. Fox News was completely silent after a Christian minister pleaded guilty to plotting to attack American Muslims in New York, continuing a habit of downplaying threats to Muslims and ignoring extremist acts with no ties to Islam. Robert Doggart, an ordained Christian minister and former Tennessee congressional candidate, was arrested and pled guilty to attempting to recruit “expert Gunners” to aid him in a plot to kill residents of Islamberg, NY, a largely Muslim community at the foot of the Catskill Mountains.

  • America snores when Christian terrorist threatens to massacre Muslims

    Source:The Daily Beast. Have you heard about the Christian terrorist Robert Doggart, who was plotting a violent attack against a Muslim-American community in New York state? Probably not, because as opposed to when U.S. law enforcement officials arrest a Muslim for planning a violent assault, they didn’t send out a press release or hold a press conference publicizing Doggart’s arrest.